Cloud Migration

Boost Your Cloud

Rittman Mead's Cloud Migration Service provides organisations with a rapid, low-risk approach to migrate their legacy Oracle on premises applications, data and analytics tools to Oracle's Cloud.

Oracle Partnership

Rittman Mead is proud to be an Oracle Service Partner, recommended for Cloud Migration services as part of the Oracle Boost Your Cloud Partner Program. By adhering to Oracle's Cloud Adoption Framework principles, Rittman Mead offers guidance and technical expertise to ensure successful customer cloud migrations.


What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving applications and data from one location, often a company's private, on-site ("on-premises") servers to a public cloud provider’s server.

Why Migrate to Cloud?

Migrating to the cloud offers numerous benefits, including cost savings, access to new features and technologies, reduced maintenance overhead, and enhanced security. Whether you aim to decommission end-of-life or unsupported systems or leverage cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI, a cloud architecture provides a securely maintained and flexible infrastructure to build your digital future upon.

Critical Success Factors

We have identified the following critical factors for successful cloud migration:

  • Executive Sponsorship: Senior buy-in ensures focus and investment, and ultimately success.
  • Urgency: cloud adoption must be prioritised and objectives met through a clear plan.
  • Alignment to Strategic Goals: To realise value from cloud adoption, goals must align with the overall business strategy.

How Does It Work?

Why Rittman Mead?

Through a dedicated partnership, you'll benefit from our consultants' skills, experience, and knowledge, with thought leadership, hard work, and honesty at the heart of everything we do. Our team will be there at every step to help you implement cutting edge cloud based technologies, offer you ongoing support, and teach your teams how to connect your data to your company's objectives.

Working With Us Is An Experience In Itself

  • You'll have access to our full team of consultants, many of whom have 20+ years of industry experience.
  • Have confidence in a responsive team who know how to apply their experience to produce the best results for your company.
  • You'll develop a great partnership to help you understand how the cloud can work for your company, and the wisdom that goes with it.

"Rittman Mead's migration approach ensured there was zero disruption. Users were able to continue their work throughout the migration."